Discover Romania with this unique guide

Now in the special Centennial edition!

Diverse content

Travel destinations from all over Romania, including main cities, mountain resorts, seaside & the Danube Delta. Practical info and recommendations for Bucharest + special chapters.


The texts and recommendations have a practical approach and a wealth of useful info. The book format - A5 - is compact and handy to use during travels.

One-of-a-kind combo

Handpicked highlights from all over Romania, practical info, insider knowledge, amazing pictures - all you need to be informed and inspired.

Special chapter each edition

This year, we're looking at Romania's last three decades - what has happened since the fall of Communism.

For all types of readers

This guide is recommended for newcomers and tourists, as well as for seasoned expats who want to discover new things, and even for Romanians who re-discover their own country.

Essentials + extras

We've got the essentials covered, all curated and updated, as well as the extra tips & tricks for a good trip.

A must-have! Well done! Comprehensive, well-written, and way more than I was expecting. I just wish I had found it before I arrived in Bucharest.
Mark Galbraith
The book is a complete and universal guide to everyone who plans to live or lives in Romania. Also for the seasoned traveler it offers great advise. Lovely - the Art special (2013 edition), helpful: hints on travel, transportation and culture.
Not your usual tourist guide, but very helpful. There's a lot of really useful information to help you through the culture shock period, and a great deal of practical advice. For vacationers and casual readers, there's also extensive restaurant and cultural attraction lists, a sector by sector market guide, and an excellent guide to the workings of Bucharest's mass transit system. The most practical guide I've run across.
Jay Lee Davis

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