Traditional remedies in Romania

By Corina Chirileasa Modern medicine has managed to conquer most of Romania, even if medical coverage in the countryside is rather poor — fewer hospitals and doctors than needed. However, besides checking in with the doctor, many Romanians — especially in the countryside, but also in urban areas — sometimes use traditional remedies they learned from their grandmothers. The trend of using such remedies has become increasingly popular, as Romanians — and other nationalities — rediscover the joys of living life closer to nature. Polenta poultice Hot polenta is good for many things in Romania, not just for eating with

Superstitions in Romania

One of the many things that any foreigner learns sooner rather than later in Romania is that Romanians tend to be superstitious. This goes hand in hand with being religious, as somehow religion, superstitions, and some pagan-rooted rituals seem to coexist quite well in this country.  While some superstitions and old wives’ tales vary to certain degrees from one region to another, there are some general superstitions all Romanians seem to at least know, if not believe. Even/odd number of flowers When giving flowers as a gift, always bring an odd number of flowers. Bouquets with even numbers are reserved