Frozen delights: seven Bucharest places to try


When temperatures go up so do ice-cream sales. Bucharest could add to this that more parlors dedicated to the frozen dessert also emerge with the summer season. The capital has seen more gelaterias open lately and the Old Town itself is home to four ice-cream venues that promise not just a rapid cooling off but a gourmet experience, with unusual flavors and combinations.

Using the Italian gelato-making tradition, the small ice-cream parlor La Delicii is all about unusual mixes and local flavors. Here you can sample the linden-flavored ice-cream, the Mirabelle plum ice-cream, the black sesame ice-cream or the orange-and-basil ice-cream and lavender variety.

At Inni Gelato Artigianale, a venue which doubles as café, the ice-cream is prepared daily using traditional methods and selected ingredients such as ecological milk, Bronte pistachios, Piemote nuts or Madagascar vanilla. The sorbets they serve are made with fresh or dried fruit, fat free and without milk substitutes.

Also of Italian inspiration and practice is Cremeria Emilia. The place has an Italian owner who can be found serving the orders of the clients enjoying their ice-cream cup on the upper level of the venue. Finding a table here during the weekend can be quite a challenge, despite the high-end prices.

For those who watch their diet more closely Sanoberry, a frozen-yogurt place, has mobile locations in the Old Town but also in AFI Palace Cotroceni and Baneasa Shopping City. Following the self-serve concept, the place changes flavors weekly and sugar-free ones are available. Smoothies and fresh juices can also be found here.

At Caprices, the owners combined in the product range chocolate specialties with various ice-creams and sorbets, resulting in a choco-gelateria. Here you can try, among many other flavors, the Dulce de Leche, rhubarb, violets and roses varieties of ice-cream.

The recently-opened Creamier can be found behind the Romanian Athenaeum. The ice-cream parlor and café serves creamy varieties of both coffee and  the frozen dessert.

A new addition to the list of Bucharest gelaterias is Moritz Eise. The chain, which has locations in Chile, Serbia and Montenegro, serves artisan and natural ice cream products and can be found in a mobile format in the Old Town of the capital or in Romanian seaside resorts like Mamaia.

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